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Heard about the new Cricut Explore 3? Wondering what kinds of projects you can create? Today we’re making a custom table runner in one cut (and in just a few minutes) with the new Cricut Smart Materials!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • Cricut Explore 3
  • Cricut Roll Holder for Smart Materials (optional)
  • Cricut Smart Iron-on in white (comes in assorted lengths – I used 9’)
  • Cricut EasyPress 2 (I used the 12”x10” – you can use any size or you could use an iron)
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat (I used the 20”x16”)
  • Table runner
  • Weeding Tool


  • Measure the width and length of your table runner and determine how much of a border you want around your phrase, double that number then subtract. For example – if your table runner is 80”x 20” and you want a 3” border around your phrase you would subtract 6” (3” x 2) from your table runner for a 74”x14” phrase measurement. My runner had some stitching around the edges so I used that as my border and measured inside the stitching.
  • Type your phrase in Design Space. I used the Annie Leu font from Cricut Access but you can also use any font on your computer.
  • Resize your image to the length of your table runner measurement. Now look at the height of the phrase. If it fits into your runner measurement – great! If not you have several choices: just change the height of the phrase by clicking the lock image (which will unlock the sizing), shrink the entire phrase (which will leave larger borders on the ends of the runner) or change fonts to find one that “fills the space” more to your liking.
  • Once you are satisfied with the size of your phrase, select “weld” at the bottom right if you are using scripted letters. This will make the words cut as one image instead of individual letters. Don’t forget to check and make sure Design Space shows that you are using an Explore (or Maker) 3!
  • Click “make it” and in the next screen you will see some cool new changes. You will have the option to select with or without a mat depending on the material you are using (rolls of Smart Materials don’t need a mat) and the screen will actually show you how much material you need for the project. Reminder: if you are using iron-on don’t forget to mirror your material!
  • Click “continue” and select your materials, then load your materials and you are ready to go! Speaking of loading materials…
    Cricut just released a Roll Holder for Smart Materials and it is the greatest thing EVER! Do you have to have it to use an Explore/Maker 3 machine or the large rolls of material? Nope! But it is so so so helpful to keep the rolls organized and lined up properly in the machine.
    It simply clicks into place! Then you insert the roll into the holder and feed it through, then feed the edge of the material into the machine. Voila!
    When you are making big/long projects don’t be alarmed if the roll “balloons out” as it is cutting. That means the roll holder is doing it’s job!
    Once your images are done cutting there is a built in trimmer that slides across and cuts your material for you!
  • Did you know Smart Materials can be used on a mat? Smart materials must be 13” across and at least 6” long to cut without a mat, but you don’t want to waste any unused materials from your large projects! After my images were cut, before I started weeding my project I cut away the excess 4” of material and saved it to cut on a mat for other small projects.
  • Weed your project.
  • Find the center (of both your project and your table runner) and lay the iron-on on top of the runner.
  • Start in the center and use your EasyPress to heat sections of the table runner in increments. Head to the Cricut Heat Guide for specific times/temperatures based on your materials. You will also find instructions for removing the clear carrier sheet (warm or cool peel) in the Heat Guide.