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Create a Bathroom Bench from an Unused Bathtub

Do you have a bathtub that you are not using, but you can’t remodel because the timing is not right? Well, why not turn that bathtub into a bathroom bench! Find out how in this easy tutorial!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • plywood (enough to cover your bathtub)
  • 2x2s (you will want 4 in total)
  • urethane foam sheet
  • upholstery fabric
  • spray adhesive
  • measuring tape
  • craft knife
  • staple gun
  • saw
  • nails + hammer or wood glue


  • Measure your bathtub and cut some plywood that is the length of the tub (this will be your main bench). Then add some 2x2s around the base and width of the bench.
    Note: When adding the 2x2s you can either use a hammer and nails or wood glue.
  • Applied some spray adhesive to the top of the bench.
  • After you have applied the spray adhesive to the top of the bench, lay a urethane foam sheet on top of the spray adhesive and cut the sheet to size with a craft knife.
  • Add fabric to the bench. To do this you would do the following:
    1. Lay upholstery fabric face down on your work surface.
    2. Flip the bench (foam-side down) on top of the fabric.
    3. Pull the fabric taut and then fold the edges of the fabric under.
    4. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric to the wood around all four sides of the bench.
  • Slid the covered bench over the top of the bathtub.