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Flat Daddy…or in our case, Flat Kurt

Flat Daddy refers to a cardboard cut out of someone who is absent from home due to being in the military. The purpose of creating a Flat Daddy or Flat Mommy, is to keep family members connected during times of deployment.
Today, I am going to show you how to create your own Flat Daddy using Xyron adhesive and a paint stirrer!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • photo
  • Xyron 9” Creative Station
  • chipboard
  • scissors
  • paint stirrer
  • tacky glue


  • Take your photo and cropped it as tightly around to the head as you can.
  • Then print out several copies on to 8.5×11 photo paper.
  • Run the 8×10 photo through the Xyron 9″ Creative Station
    Adhered the 8×10 photo on to a piece of chipboard (you can use an empty cereal box in a pinch) and cut out the face.
  • Glue a paint stirrer (they are free at any home improvement store), to your photo and let it dry.