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Wooden Frame Makeover with Plaid Crafts and Cricut

Make any wooden frame look ”golden” by giving it a mini makeover using Plaid paint and the Cricut Explore!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • wood frame
  • foam brush
  • masking/painters tape
  • Folk Art Metallics acrylic paint – Pure Gold 
  • Folk Art Chunky Glitter acrylic paint – Chunky Gold 
  • Cricut Explore Air 
  • Light Grip Mat
  • Cricut Gold Glitter Vinyl with Strong Grip Transfer Tape


  • Mask off area to be painted with masking/painters tape. In this case the glass was attached to the frame so I taped along the edge of the glass as well.
  • Apply several coats of gold paint to the frame (I did two) – allow to dry between coats.
  • Apply several coats of glitter paint – allow to dry between coats. This paint looks like glue with glitter in it – so it will go on milky white. I did three coats – the more coats you apply the more glittery your project will be!
  • Create your phrase in Cricut Design Space, cut out of glitter vinyl and apply directly to the mat. For glitter vinyl you need strong grip transfer tape. *Quick Tip: The strong grip transfer tape is INCLUDED in the sampler. It is the first thing on the roll so just unroll the entire sampler and you’ll find it.*
  • Reassemble the frame and add your photo.