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Easy Fall Home Decor Tutorial

Learn how to use all those pumpkins that you have been buying to create your own piece of fall home decor, is less than 30 minutes!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • large box or tub
  • sheets, old newspaper, etc – to stuff inside the box
  • assorted pumpkins in a variety of sizes – mine are from Hobby Lobby and Michaels
  • assorted floral picks


  • Separate pumpkins in to piles by size.
  • Stuff box/tub “overfull” with sheets or newspapers – the weight of the pumpkins will flatten the stuffing as you work.
  • Arrange the pumpkins in the box/tub, starting with the largest pumpkins. Add the medium pumpkins, then the smallest pumpkins, then the floral picks to fill in any empty spaces.