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Easy Patterned Paper Wreath

With just a few sheets of patterned paper and those “leftover” embellishments, you can create a fun and easy wreath that is perfect for any season!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • styrofoam wreath
  • Xyron Creative Station with Permanent Refill 
  • 3-4 sheets coordinating patterned paper (I used the Jillibean Soup Chit Chat Chowder collection)
  • coordinating embellishments
  • trimmer (I tried this Swingline Guillotine Trimmer – see below)
  • scissors
  • assorted adhesive


  • Cut patterned paper in to 22-24 1.5”x12” strips.
  • Run multiple strips side by side through the Creative Station. Note: the pattern you want to see on the wreath is the pattern that should be facing up when you put it through the machine.
  • One at a time, remove the strips from the backing and loosely loop around the foam wreath. Line up the ends and press them together BEFORE pressing the rest of the strip to itself. The adhesive will hold the strip to the wreath.
  • Repeat with remaining strips, slightly overlapping each strip at the base (the part that touches the wreath).
  • Once the wreath is completely covered, trim the edges of each strip at a “V” – aka banner cut, fishtail, dovetail, notch, etc. TIP: cut up the middle of the paper, then cut in at each side to make the V cut.
  • Embellish as desired!