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Mason Jar Christmas Gifts with Ball®

The best gifts come in a jar! Create a custom Christmas gift that can be treasured (and re-used) for years with a dozen quarter-pint Ball® jars and your imagination!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • 12 4 oz./quarter-pint Ball® quilted jelly jars*
  • spray paint – I used Rust-Oleum Universal in Pure Gold and Cardinal Red*
  • Cricut Maker*
  • Cricut Premium Vinyl in White*
  • ribbon*
  • adhesive – liquid glue/glue dots/hot glue gun*
  • painters tape
  • sandpaper
  • number stickers
  • buttons or other assorted embellishments
  • assorted small gifts or food items
  • colored napkins
  • optional – screwdriver (if box has handles)


  • Remove the lids and bands from all jars and remove bar code sticker if necessary, then spray paint all lids and bands and set aside to dry.
  • Remove hardware from box.
  • Tape off open end of box.
  • Gently sand any raised area on the box (in this case, the painted phrase on the front and back).
  • Spray paint the box until fully covered and set aside to dry.
  • Once the box is completely dry, add Christmas phrase to the front and back. I created this free SVG cutting file just for you to make this project even easier! Click the link then right click and select “save as” to download the SVG to your computer. I cut it out with my Cricut Maker in white vinyl.
  • Fill jars with assorted treats.
  • Put lids and bands on each jar and use adhesive to add ribbon and embellishments to each jar lid.
  • Add numbers to the tops of each jar. Note – you will need FIVE 1s for this project. 1, 10, 11 (two 1s), 12 – so make sure you have enough before starting this project, because…uhhh…I didn’t. Another option would be to cut the numbers with your Cricut or other die cutting machine!
  • Add your jars and voila! A custom, heartfelt, handmade project for the favorite people in your life. Want to add a pop of color to the box? Open a paper napkin and tuck it in to each compartment of the box before adding the jars.