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Easter Ideas for Kids: DIY Bunny Bookmark

Looking for some easy Easter ideas for kids? Learn how to create these DIY bunny bookmarks with just a few supplies and their imagination!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • assorted cardstock or thick patterned paper
  • scissors
  • Xyron Sticker Maker
  • Xyron Mega Runner
  • pink marker (or heart sticker)
  • black marker


  • Cut a piece of cardstock (in this case white) in to a square. Any size is fine – the large bunny is from a 6×6 square and the smaller bunny is from a 5×5 square. Cut a smaller piece of the same color cardstock and a small piece of another color cardstock (in this case pink) and set them aside.
  • Fold the white square in half diagonally to form a triangle, then fold both sides up to meet the tip of the triangle.
  • Unfold the sides, then fold just the “front” sheet of paper so the tip touches the bottom of the triangle.
  • Select one side and “tuck it in” to the triangle, making a pocket. Repeat with the other side. Set aside.
  • Fold pink cardstock and use scissors to cut inside of ears.
  • Run both pieces of cardstock through the Xyron Sticker Maker.
  • Fold small sheet of white cardstock.
  • Place one of the pink shapes on to the white cardstock and use scissors to cut white ear shape a little larger than the pink ones.
  • Adhere second pink ear to second white ear.
  • Use Xyron Mega Runner to put adhesive on the bottom front of each ear.
  • Attach to the inside of the triangle.
  • Use a pink pen (or a heart sticker!) to create nose.
  • Use a black pen to create eyes.