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DIY Cake Topper: Paper Flowers

Learn how to create a unique paper flower cake topper that can be used to decorate almost any dessert!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • Cricut Maker 
  • Assorted Anna Griffin Metallic Cardstock
  • Cricut Basic Tool Kit
  • Glue Gun


  • In Cricut Design Space find the three-dimensional flower options by selecting “3d” in the filter options.
    Then searching for flowers.
    The 3d flowers appear two different ways in Design Space – either as a completed flower image, or as an image of how the file will cut.
  • Select your flower images and size them to fit your paper, then cut with the Cricut. TIP: because the Anna Griffin metallic cardstock is thick, use the posterboard setting when ready to cut.
  • Remove the flower from the mat (it will be in a spiral) and grasp the end with a pair of tweezers.
  • Roll the paper flower tightly around the tweezers until you get to the end.
  • The end of each flower will be flat. Use your fingers to bend the edges of the flat end.
  • Apply hot glue to the center.
  • Press your flower on to the center and gently release so the flower can “unwind” until it reaches the desired size and shape. Then hold for 30 seconds until the glue dries.
  • To create the cake topper – turn the flower over and apply hot glue, then quickly add a toothpick (and a leaf or two if desired). For larger flower groupings you can use a BBQ skewer instead of a toothpick.