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DIY Paper Holly Wreath

With an embroidery hoop, some cardstock and a Xyron Glaminator you can create a paper holly wreath that glimmers and shines just in time for Christmas!
Author: Beth Kingston


  • embroidery hoop – I used a 14″ hoop but you can use any size
  • assorted green cardstock
  • Xyron Glaminator
  • Xyron Glaminator Transfer Foil in Gold
  • laser printer
  • scissors
  • Glossy Accents or other liquid glue
  • glue gun
  • Cricut machine – I used the Maker but you could also do this with the Explore Air
  • red wool balls or pom poms


  • Print out holly leaves on to green cardstock using a laser printer. I found these images in Cricut Design Space and used the Print then Cut feature (I just didn’t cut after I printed).
  • Turn Glaminator on and make sure the sliding button is set to the star icon. It will take several minutes to heat up, you’ll know it’s ready when the green check light goes on and it makes a fun little noise!
  • Trim foil to fit and place it over the printed leaves shiny side up.
  • Insert cardstock and foil in to transfer carrier and run through Glaminator.
  • Allow project to cool, then peel back the film.
  • Cut out foiled leaves, leaving a green border.
  • Cut holly leaves from Cricut Design Space out of assorted green cardstock.
  • Add liquid glue to sections of embroidery hoop, then layer leaves. NOTE: I used liquid glue for this portion of the project because it gives me more time to move the leaves around before the glue sets.
  • In conjunction you will also need to apply small amounts of liquid glue to the leaves themselves as you layer them.
  • Once you have covered the hoop with cardstock leaves, switch to a hot glue gun and begin applying foiled leaves. I use a glue gun for this portion of the project because it dries quickly.
  • Once all foiled leaves have been added, add berries! I used wool balls, but you could also use pom poms.