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Easy Finger Knit Throw Blanket

I have always wanted to take up knitting…and never more than when the weather gets cooler. Make my own knit throw blankets? Yes! DIY cute winter hats? Of course! I’ve been too intimidated to try – until I discovered Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn at JOANN! 
Author: Beth Kingston


  • Six (6) skeins Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn – I used Hedge Green but they have two dozen other fun colors to choose from!
  • scissors
  • paperclip



  • Count out 65 loops and lay them across a table or other flat surface with the loops facing up. 
  • Move the skein of yarn above the row of loops and pull out a length of yarn about the same length – making sure the loops are facing down (so the loops are facing each other). TIP: Put a paperclip between the 65th and 66th loop so you don’t lose track!
  • Take loop #66 and pull it through loop #65, then repeat for every loop in the row. As you work on the loops make sure you angle them up (this will get easier the further you get down the row).
  • Once you get to the end of the row, repeat! The direction you are looping will alternate with each row – right to left, then the next row will be left to right. And you are well on your way to making a blanket!
  • As this particular blanket takes six skeins of yarn you will need to add new skeins as you go. I found several different tutorials for ending one skein and starting another online, the easiest for me was to tie a knot in between loops. 


  • When you have finished the last row of your blanket you need to “bind off” the final row. First, cut any remaining yarn, leaving two or three loops as a “tail’. 
  • You will work in the same direction of your last row (right to left or left to right). Start with the second loop in the row and pull it through the first. Then pull the third loop through the second, and repeat until you have come to the last loop in the row.
  • Take the first loop on the tail (called the binding loop) and pull it through the last loop in the row, then cut off any excess loops on the tail and discard.
  • Cut the binding loop slightly above the edge of the blanket and use your fingers to gently weave the loose yarn in to the back edge of the blanket.